Inexpensive Immigration Reform




Why is being inexpensive necessary for any new immigration policy to be effective?

To ensure participation.


If the majority of the people don’t participate, or even if a large number of people don’t participate, very little will have changed and we will have wasted our time.

When we increase participation of our new immigration laws, it helps ensure the success of the program on many different levels:

  1. It removes the shadow community that is highly vulnerable.
  2. It reduces the number of unknown people who may be a possible danger to our communities and our national security.
  3. It also removes the shadow economy and it’s deflation of wages for everyone concerned. This protects both immigrants from wage and benefit abuse, as well as citizens from any associated wage and benefits reductions in industries associated with undocumented workers.

Barriers to entry, financial or otherwise, will only make the law less effective and therefore less beneficial for all of us.

So what are some of the ways we can reduce the cost of this program without needing immigrants to come up with unrealistic sums of money, or require subsidies from the American taxpayer?

  • Make the fees annual, like auto registration, instead of one lump sum.
  • Take advantage of already built-in infrastructure such as DMV offices. Post offices could also use a shot in the arm with this additional revenue stream, as there are many of them, located all throughout the US, and staffing and services are on the decline.
  • Using data infrastructure already in place ie: crime database, dmv records, tax records, and medical records. All these datacenters can be cross-checked to ensure location and identity of people on an ongoing basis.

If we can keep the overhead down, immigrants should be able to financially support this program by themselves through annual fees and possible payroll taxes. (more on that later)

Using built-in infrastructure would also help speed this program into place. We will need more people to staff these offices, and programmers and data technicians to link up datacenters and expeditiously process and utilize the mountains of data we will be collecting.

The following is a benefits comparison chart that should help visually represent the anticipated benefits to both US citizens and immigrants, showing many reasons for both to participate and help ensure the success of the program.

Good for US

Good for Immigrants

   Affordable For both taxpayers and immigrants.


Should not place financial burden on us.


Increases our border security


Annual and payroll fees, helps locate immigrants if needed.


Participation fees help pay for ongoing program overhead.



Affordability increases compliance, which increases the effectiveness of the program.



Affordable immigration naturally prohibits immigrating illegally.


Reduces their dependence on parasitic employers and illicit vendors.



Reduces fraud.


Reduces victimization.


Uses infrastructure already in place as much as possible.

As you can see by the above chart, the benefits of having an inexpensive immigration program are even more beneficial for the United States, than it is for the immigrants.

A few other things need to be said about funding, especially when politicians are involved:

  1. Immigration fees sole purpose is to fund immigration programs.
  2. Never raid the immigration coffers for any other program.
  3. Funding is not a punishment, but rather, a pay-to-play fee.

This last part is important; the higher the costs involved, the less effective the program will be.

The importance of inexpensive immigration programs can be argued all day by the most conservative of us- but the facts won’t change.

Here are some everyday examples of financial barriers to entry:

How many people own Lexus?      How many people own Toyotas?

How many people fly in a private jet? How many people fly commercial 

How many people join Country Clubs?  How many people golf on public courses?

Our new immigration policy should be inexpensive to ensure near 100% participation. This will help protect the immigrant from abuse and encourage their participation that much more. Immigration needs to be easier and less expensive than paying hundreds of dollars for a coyote to lead you through the desert. The fact that this option is already often used shows the insanity of the legislation we currently have in place.

Any immigration program should also be easy to participate in, which we’ll look at next.

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