US Immigration Reform PLAN A Actionable



imgres-4If we’ve followed Plan A this far we will have a simple, inexpensive and highly accurate immigration process.  Added all together we now have information regarding our visitors and immigrants that we can actually do things with.

  • We can deport those who affect our society in negative ways.
  • We can block bad people from coming in.
  • We can import people we want and need based on any number of criteria, to achieve any goal our society needs.
  • We can defend the stability of American families by not deporting the wrong people.
  • We can tax new workers who are not fully citizens and allow them to pay into a system that looks after them.
  • We can verify eligibility of special programs for non-citizens.
  • We can protect our immigrants from abuse by those who would try to take advantage of a shadow labor force.
  • We can protect our workers from an unfair competitive advantage by those who otherwise wouldn’t have the additional costs of taxes, medical benefits and social security payments and underbid those who work within our system and do carry these costs.
  • We can track the numbers of workers in an industry and actively seek out specific types of workers depending on our needs.
  • We can do a lot of things with highly accurate data.

Our immigration system could actually work for us instead of against us like it does today.

This cheap and easy system will pay huge dividends in social and economic benefits. Immigrants will actually WANT to participate in our program as it will benefit them immensely and protect them from those that would abuse them, ensuring a high rate of participation and enabling us to identify everyone within our borders.

Only those who don’t qualify for our system will be the ones who try to work around it. These people will easily stick out and be much more easy to deport as there will be much less of them to deal with.

Not having your ID could automatically place an individual in a processing area until their status can be verified by a professionally trained immigration specialist.

One example of how this immigration system could be used is If someone just doesn’t have their ID on them, but they do have one (lost, stolen, left in other pants. . . ) If they are found to be a legitimate member of our society then they can be released. If they are found to be living outside our system, they could be immediately input into our system by being photographed, fingerprinted and have some DNA extracted. If after that information is processed we can either incarcerate those who we were looking for or whose DNA matches an unsolved crime, or we can deport that person and they will be banned from entering the US for a certain period of time. Caught again; and they could be jailed and then deported, etc.

With this type of immigration system no one will have an excuse not to participate, except for those who aren’t able to qualify in the first place. Finding them and taking action to remove them from our society could either put them in jail, court, or on a bus back to the border. End of story.

A system that allows us to act without reproach ensures the safety of every member of our society.

Next up: Taxable. Ensuring our new citizens pay their fair share.

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