Illegal immigrants make us teach spanish in our schools

They make us teach spanish in our schools- 

What this means is they really don’t know what they are talking about. This is more ignorance than hate, although hateful people use this as an argument to try to add to the credibility of their position. How this all came about is they either overheard it from a friend or walked by a classroom and heard the teacher teaching in Spanish.

How to respond-

Quite frankly I too was a little miffed when I walked past my son’s classroom and heard the teacher of another class speaking spanish. It wasn’t until much later that I learned they only do that for a few years, while they teach them english. If you’ve ever taken a foreign language you know they ALWAYS use your language as a basis for communication. If you walked into a french class and the teacher refused to speak english, you would learn french much more slowly, especially when you got tired and frustrated at not understanding very much of what was going on and were getting poor grades because of it. They aren’t teaching spanish as much as using spanish to teach them english.

They may counter with the argument, “We shouldn’t have to spend money to hire bi-lingual teachers to teach them english.”

Answer: A bi-lingual teacher costs the same as an english only speaking teacher, but now you are helping an immigrant learn english, which is really what you want in the first place– less spanish speaking people in the United States.

If they won’t stop there, then move along. You just shot down one of their favorite arguments and now they’re going to hit you with all the other ones until your ears bleed.

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