I am a father and husband in a multi-status American family,

and have been trying to get permanent resident status for two of my family members for over 8 years.

It is an urban myth that all you have to do is marry an American and you will get citizenship.

Because there is so much mis-information about our immigration system I had to do a lot of research to be able to separate the rumors from the truth. I imagine a lot of other people have been fooled by this mis-information as well, so I created this website to try to shed some light on how terribly messed up our immigration system is.

With this website I promise to:

  1. Make you smarter about our US immigration debacle by cutting through the hype and show you what is really happening to real people in America.
  2. Show you the unsung heroes and hopeless zeros in the US immigration reform community.
  3. To be a highly vocal proponent of US immigration reform and fight for US citizens, families and immigrants who are suffering every day we don’t do something.
  4. To raise awareness that the US immigration problem is not just about immigrants, it”s about everyone who lives in the USA.
  5. To hold politicians accountable for their actions or lack thereof concerning this situation.

So, who am I and what gives me the authority to make these promises?


  • I have lived in California my whole life.
  • I went to school with immigrants
  • Grew up next door to immigrants
  • Worked with and eventually managed immigrants from many different countries and with many different immigration visas and statuses.
  • I married an undocumented immigrant who has documented and undocumented children.

You may find yourself amazed at the facts you will find here. They are all facts, plucked from my personal experiences as well as those I culled from unbiased institutions like our government’s census and immigration records as well as studies from major universities, and hospitals, to name a few.

It is obvious my situation will bias myself towards lenient treatment of  immigrants, but the facts will also fortify my position and support my work lobbying a complete immigration overhaul by our nation’s legislators. (yeah, I know, good luck with that.)

I wrote The Dishwasher’s Son to shed some light on the lives of us multi-status American families. There are over six million such families living in the US today. They are being torn apart every day we don’t get something done about our morally and effectively bankrupt system. I hope you will read my book. It was a lot of fun to write. It is fiction, the story is made up, but a lot of the story I did pick out of the headlines for the last few years. Our immigration system is definitely broken and adversely affects millions of us each day.

Please feel free to comment on anything you read here. This is OUR situation. It should be OUR conversation. Hopefully OUR legislators will wise up and remember who it is they work for.

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