The Dishwasher’s Son

A novel by Mike J Quinn

The Dishwasher's Son Book coverThis is a story that exemplifies the tragic circumstances faced by many Americans today. The border between America and Mexico and the laws that separate the two nations also divides millions of American families.

Frank, an American teenager and border guard volunteer accidentally gets deported when the restaurant he works in gets raided by ICE and the only ID he has in his wallet is a student body card.

After arriving in Mexico he is found by and Uncle and together they discover the truth behind his father’s disappearance. Shocked by his recent discover, he meets his estranged family and learns about the Mexican roots he has been denying his whole life.

When he gets back to the American border he is refused entry because of his recent deportation and is forced to sneak back into the US using the same methods the people he has been learning to defend against as a Minuteman volunteer.

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