The Dishwasher’s Son is looking for 1000 beta readers

The Dishwasher’s Son is looking for 1000 people who like to read to sign up for a Beta Reader program and help edit and market the book.

THE DISHWASHER’S SON, follows the odyssey of a teenage militant border guard volunteer, whose accidental deportation to Mexico is just the beginning of his problems. After searching for his deadbeat dad, who ran out on him and his mother, shortly after he was born, he finds an Uncle, and together they discover the truth about his father’s disappearance.

After meeting his father’s family, and coming to grips with the Mexican heritage he has spent his whole life denying, he must sneak across the border using all of the various different methods the people he used to help catch have used. With each attempted border crossing and subsequent apprehension, the charges against him increase, culminating in a desperate decision: cross the desert, and face possible death or prison; or live life as an illegal American in Mexico.

Caught between the two cultures of living an angry and hateful white American life, and his true Mexican roots.

Inspired by the author’s real life challenges to get citizenship for his immigrant wife and daughter, and his 25 years of managing immigrant employees.

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