Marrying a foreign citizen is not a crime

It so happens that before 1997, spouses and parents could file the paperwork, pay a thousand dollar fee and the documents for their family member would be in the mail. All President Obama is trying to do is repeal this last little amendment to the immigration policies. The current immigration policy doesn’t just punish the immigrant, it punishes the American citizens that our laws are designed to protect as well.

There is no law against marrying anyone we choose, so we should not go around breaking families up because one of them committed a civil infraction. We would be a nation of single people if we did. Imagine not being able to marry someone because they got a parking ticket a few years ago. Sounds ridiculous right? Not for some of us. We now need to check the immigration status of our potential mates, because if they are here without proper paperwork, our family could get broken up and lives destroyed. Sounds romantic doesn’t it?

If we all just take a breath and relax a moment, we will see that the sky is not falling and America will not go “down the toilet” if we allow our fellow citizens who found themselves in love with someone who entered without inspection to keep their families together, just like they had so easily done before 1997. President Obama isn’t trying to destroy our country, he’s trying to protect our families.

The Civil Code by can be found here

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