John Boehner- Leader of Dysfunction

john boehnerAs Speaker of the House no one has more responsibility for the performance of this institution, and it has been noted that this has been the most impotent government in our history.

He has lead us to the brink of the “fiscal cliff” last year, and into a Government shut down this year because of his party’s desire to defund the Affordable Care act. We didn’t ask them to do that, they came up with that all on their own. Somebody needs to tell them we didn’t elect them to be dictators. This congress has not only been ineffectual, but downright harmful.

As far as immigration goes, for months he has said he will not bring the bill that passed through the Senate to the floor of the House of Representatives, stalling something that has been long in the making and heavily watered down by his own party. His refusal to participate in something that our country desperately needs is shameful.

Should he be allowed to do this all over again next term?


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