Immigration reform in 2013 is not a sure thing.

Immigration reform in 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Is anyone’s guess.

If you have been reading the news lately, it appears the pundits are all over the map when it comes to predictions about immigration reform in 2013.

 Some say immigration reform in 2013 is going to happen:


Some say immigration reform in 2013 remains unclear:


Some say immigration reform in 2013 is not likely to happen:,0,1823657.story


Some say it should happen and that immigration reform  in 2013 may even help stimulate our economy away from the fiscal cliff that so captures our national attention at present.


It is with this mixed bag of  uncertainty that we need to push the hardest we have ever pushed in order to get some immigration reform in place that will  help our youth achieve higher education goals,  help this economy grow, and make it safe for families to stay together.

Write your congressman NOW—TODAY, and let them know you want immigration reform THIS YEAR!

We all saw what pressure can do for Hurricane Sandy Relief. This could be our path to immigration reform in 2013 too.

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