Immigrant Deportation

   Our Immigrant Deportation Solution

United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention and Removal


One of the ways we deal with undocumented immigrants is to arrest them, put them in jail for weeks and months at a time, and then deport them to their original country. It sounds logical until you look more closely at the situation.

EWI is a misdemeanor, not a felony

What we need to do is balance our approach  between protecting our country against foreign invaders who will do us harm and account for those living and working within our borders. I don’t think there is a person living here who wouldn’t acknowledge that there is a difference between those two sets of people, yet our current immigration laws treat them as equals.

A well balanced approach to this problem would be to:

  1.  Identify who is in our country
  2. Register the people without criminal records
  3. Deport those with criminal records
  4. Jail those with warrants, then deport them



Arresting someone with a misdemeanor is like getting arrested, thrown in jail for 3 months, then deported because you got a parking ticket. The punishment is cruel and far and above the nature and stature of the crime should warrant. 




I think the future will look back at us and consider us barbaric with the way we treated each other.

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