Illegal immigrants make us pay to educate their kids

Why should we pay to educate their kids- 

This really means: undocumented immigrants don’t deserve to have their children benefit from our educational system– they’re not good enough.

How to respond-

Would you rather a bunch of kids grow up next door to you, being really stupid and unemployable, whose only recourse would be to really live off the taxpayer or drive up the crime rate? If that doesn’t shut them up, do you need the aggravation of continuing this argument? Besides, although schools do not collect immigration data it is noted that the overwhelming majority of children in K-12 are American Citizens due largely to the fact that immigrants don’t often bring families across the border due to the hazards and dangers of the process. Most children of undocumented immigrants are born here in the United States and are therefore U.S. Citizens. They have every right to be educated here just like every other U.S. Citizen.

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