Dedicated to the MexiQuinns

I have just finished writing, “The Dishwasher’s Son,” and I’m finishing up the dedication and forward. I thought I’d post this for my family now.

I love you guys, and I won’t stop shouting from the rooftops until American families no longer have to fear our own dysfunctional immigration laws. This story is about more than just our little family; it’s about all American families, and the struggles we face to stay together. American families already face enough threats and uncertainty, we don’t need to create even more just because we’re afraid to roll up our sleeves and do what needs to be done.


This book is dedicated to my family, the Mexiquinns, and all the other families around the world who are struggling to preserve their family bond in a rapidly changing, and often inhospitable political landscape. Hopefully, sometime in the future, no family will have to worry about becoming an outlawed group while the machinery of government learns what we the people already understand; only the people involved have a right to decide who is a part of their family, be it of any race, religion, sect, nationality, class, or sex.


“What God has joined together, let no man separate.”

Mark 10:9

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