Citizenship for Sale?

A Stanford professor is promoting the idea of selling citizenship for $50k.

Every year there are many thousands of people waiting for lady luck to approve their green card via the lottery system.

Very few of them win.

Some countries allow people to invest $50k or $100k or more, in order to become a citizen of that nation. They reason this system brings jobs and stimulates economic growth. We, in fact, have a similar visa program already, but this is for investors and business people.

What about just plain selling citizenship?

This is purported to help solve our undocumented immigrant problem by giving them an alternative to going back home and also helps expedite a currently overloaded backlog. It should also help bring in money to the government, possibly to help pay for this system.

The non-wealthy could pay over time. Kinda like an installment plan or credit card.

So, get the new “Visa” card. (and don’t leave home without it : )

Click here to see the video

So, how do you feel about this idea?

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