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The Dishwasher’s new immigration reform website

Author creates website to help US immigration reform legislation

Redwood City, CA, October 3, 2013:  Mike J Quinn, author of  “The Dishwasher’s Son” has created a new website at to help elevate the immigration debate and keep it from falling to the wayside amidst our country’s other problems.  As the House of Representatives has no intention of passing an immigration reform bill any time soon, he has taken it upon himself to arouse interest and elevate the discussion around this important topic.

Mike, himself a father and husband in a multi-national family is pushing for immigration reform so his family, and millions of other American families won’t have to worry about being separated by our outdated and dysfunctional immigration system. He has written a novel, “The Dishwasher’s Son,” a story about how the US/Mexico border runs through a contemporary American family.



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