US Immigration Reform Plan A


If we don’t want the House of Representatives to hijack our immigration reform efforts, we need to tell them what we want. Right now they are taking it upon themselves to tell us what they are going to give us, irregardless of how adversely it affects our country. Every credible study that has ever been done regarding our country and its immigrants has shown that they are a valuable part of our society and indeed, have made us the great nation we are today. The Republicans are the only ones saying otherwise.

Stand up and let them know you will not be beaten into submission. Read this ebook and join the conversation.

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The Dishwasher’s Son

A novel by Mike J Quinn

The Dishwasher's Son Book coverThis is a story that exemplifies the tragic circumstances faced by many Americans today. The border between America and Mexico and the laws that separate the two nations also divides millions of American families.

Frank, an American teenager and border guard volunteer accidentally gets deported when the restaurant he works in gets raided by ICE and the only ID he has in his wallet is a student body card.

After arriving in Mexico he is found by and Uncle and together they discover the truth behind his father’s disappearance. Shocked by his recent discover, he meets his estranged family and learns about the Mexican roots he has been denying his whole life.

When he gets back to the American border he is refused entry because of his recent deportation and is forced to sneak back into the US using the same methods the people he has been learning to defend against as a Minuteman volunteer.

America Needs A DREAM

The problem with the immigration debate in this country these past several years has been the discussion is taking place on two different levels.

1) Immigration is bad for AmericaAmerica Needs a DREAM
2) Immigrants are people and deserve rights

Because our national discussion is happening on two different levels, it will just go around and around in circles, never really getting anywhere, until we start having the same discussion. It’s true that immigrants should be given equal rights in this country, but we need to defend our position on the same grounds we are being attacked.

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I have written an ebook that focuses on responding to the arguments the anti-immigration movement dishes out. We need to be talking about how immigrants are beneficial to the US, and how badly we need to correct the laws that are currently not serving our best interests.

w/ bonus Interactive DREAM Act Discussion Guides

In the back of the book are a few interactive discussion guides that will help keep this discussion on the same page and take away the arguments that the anti-immigration movement would like us to believe are truths. They are not, and I include links to studies and articles that back up these arguments, taking the wind right out of their sails, and exposing the lies.

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We all need to dig in and let our politicians know what we want them to do, and why they need to be doing it. Until we make this crystal clear, we are going to be living this debate indefinitely.

Mike J. Quinn
America Needs A DREAM
The Dishwasher’s Son