Tell the Government what YOU want

Are you tired of having a few angry congressmen dictate to us what THEY want in the way of immigration legislation?  According to Reform Immigration for America these three members of congress  stand in the way of good immigration reform:

I would add Sen. Ted Cruz. He is loudly opposed to citizenship for illegal immigrants, and he is trying to convince fellow Republicans that they will do fine with Hispanics by voting against immigration reform.

Really? Does he get the paper? Does he even listen to what people are saying about him and his ultra-conservative views?

Tell the government what you want, and they had better get it right. Go over to Reform Immigration for America and send a quick email. Let these senators know they do NOT speak for you, and you do NOT support them. It’s about time we take back our government from the people who would do us harm by forcing their narrow-minded beliefs on us.

WeBelongTogether teaches kids they matter too.

It has been said many times that children are our future, but the phrase seems to lose all meaning once it is said. gets it. This organization is getting kids to write to Congress and pleading with them to pass better immigration laws so they can keep their families together.  Teaching children how to participate in the political process is the first step in changing our nation. If we all do something to help our children learn how to use the political process and exercise free speech, then maybe the world can be changed. Check out their letter writing movement at