A letter to Newt Gingrich

Hey Newt,


I hear you are starting to lag in the polls now. Apparently standing on principal worked better than standing on popular belief. You broke from the herd when you declared there  needs to be a more humane way to deal with the immigrants in this country. Ratings skyrocketed. You had no competition. Then, as pressure mounted, and you knew it would, you caved. You back tracked on your stance, without really negating what you previously had said, which only a seasoned politician can do, but it fooled no one.


Now that you are towing the party line, you look like all the other Republican candidates and you are losing your distinction as a man who believes in something, and will fight for it; which is after all is said and done, is what we are really looking for. We need someone to lead this country out of the funk it is in, not to follow popular yet inefficient philosophies like everybody else.


Mr. Gingrich you are either a man who stands for something because you believe it to be right, or you are a man who stands for whatever everyone else stands for– irregardless of right or wrong. It is very easy to tell the difference. The moment anyone opens their mouth, it is immediately obvious which.


Well, good luck with that.

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