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Tell the Government what YOU want

Are you tired of having a few angry congressmen dictate to us what THEY want in the way of immigration legislation?  According to Reform Immigration for America these three members of congress  stand in the way of good immigration reform:

I would add Sen. Ted Cruz. He is loudly opposed to citizenship for illegal immigrants, and he is trying to convince fellow Republicans that they will do fine with Hispanics by voting against immigration reform.

Really? Does he get the paper? Does he even listen to what people are saying about him and his ultra-conservative views?

Tell the government what you want, and they had better get it right. Go over to Reform Immigration for America and send a quick email. Let these senators know they do NOT speak for you, and you do NOT support them. It’s about time we take back our government from the people who would do us harm by forcing their narrow-minded beliefs on us.

WeBelongTogether teaches kids they matter too.

It has been said many times that children are our future, but the phrase seems to lose all meaning once it is said. gets it. This organization is getting kids to write to Congress and pleading with them to pass better immigration laws so they can keep their families together.  Teaching children how to participate in the political process is the first step in changing our nation. If we all do something to help our children learn how to use the political process and exercise free speech, then maybe the world can be changed. Check out their letter writing movement at

Rep. Luis Gutierrez A real leader

Luis GutierrezRep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill.,

He was part of a bipartisan working group of House lawmakers working on reform legislation before its Republican members left. He says that although Syria and the government shutdown “knocked immigration reform off the front page in English language papers,” the issue is still leading the news in Spanish-language media.

“Republican leadership has apparently walked away from reform and is putting all its energy into denying health care to people,” Gutierrez said, referencing the House GOP’s push to repeal Obamacare, which they’ve attached to the stalemated spending bill.

Gutierrez also added that soon, headlines of the Obama administration’s 2 millionth deportation would hit the news, pressuring the president to again renew his focus on reform. 

Rep. Luis Gutierrez is also the founding father of the DREAM ACT and has been working tirelessly to educate the Senate as to the dire situation todays immigrants, as well as millions of American families face today.



Steve King Advocate for no change

Steve KingSteve King has promised to vote no on any immigration bill that comes to the House of Representatives. He says he is also bringing a bunch of other Republicans with him.

Didn’t he learn anything from Mitt Romney’s defeat?

He says he has organized a small but growing number of conservatives who are committed to voting against any House immigration bill—no matter what it says—because they fear that the Senate will inevitably find a way to add “amnesty” to the equation.

King doesn’t tell us how many members he’s got on board. Some insiders say it’s somewhere between 20 and 70 members. Even at the low end of that range, it’s enough to prevent any Republican-led immigration bill from passing.

It is thinking like this that has perpetuated a dysfunctional immigration system for over fifty years.

This is one politician we don’t need next term.

The Dishwasher’s immigration news website


The Dishwasher’s new immigration reform website

Author creates website to help US immigration reform legislation

Redwood City, CA, October 3, 2013:  Mike J Quinn, author of  “The Dishwasher’s Son” has created a new website at to help elevate the immigration debate and keep it from falling to the wayside amidst our country’s other problems.  As the House of Representatives has no intention of passing an immigration reform bill any time soon, he has taken it upon himself to arouse interest and elevate the discussion around this important topic.

Mike, himself a father and husband in a multi-national family is pushing for immigration reform so his family, and millions of other American families won’t have to worry about being separated by our outdated and dysfunctional immigration system. He has written a novel, “The Dishwasher’s Son,” a story about how the US/Mexico border runs through a contemporary American family.



# # #

If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Mike J Quinn, please send him an email at

US Immigration Reform Plan A


If we don’t want the House of Representatives to hijack our immigration reform efforts, we need to tell them what we want. Right now they are taking it upon themselves to tell us what they are going to give us, irregardless of how adversely it affects our country. Every credible study that has ever been done regarding our country and its immigrants has shown that they are a valuable part of our society and indeed, have made us the great nation we are today. The Republicans are the only ones saying otherwise.

Stand up and let them know you will not be beaten into submission. Read this ebook and join the conversation.

Click Here to download the free ebook

John Boehner- Leader of Dysfunction

john boehnerAs Speaker of the House no one has more responsibility for the performance of this institution, and it has been noted that this has been the most impotent government in our history.

He has lead us to the brink of the “fiscal cliff” last year, and into a Government shut down this year because of his party’s desire to defund the Affordable Care act. We didn’t ask them to do that, they came up with that all on their own. Somebody needs to tell them we didn’t elect them to be dictators. This congress has not only been ineffectual, but downright harmful.

As far as immigration goes, for months he has said he will not bring the bill that passed through the Senate to the floor of the House of Representatives, stalling something that has been long in the making and heavily watered down by his own party. His refusal to participate in something that our country desperately needs is shameful.

Should he be allowed to do this all over again next term?

US Immigration Reform PLAN A Conclusion

Before we finish there needs to be something addressed here that is not in the US Immigration Reform PLAN A ideology.

Some of the conservatives in the audience will notice there is no mention of border security in this bill. There are two very sound reasons for this:

1)   The border is more secure now than at any time in our history. More resources, money and manpower have been shifted to the border than during any other time in our history. As a result of our extensive efforts to stop people at the border, we are apprehending a record low level of  people not seen since 1971.  People crying about securing the border before working on any new immigration bill are really just stalling. No border in the history of the world has ever been 100% secure, and our border with Mexico has never been more secure than it is right now.

2)   When you focus on compliance and making it easy and financially accessible and ultimately highly beneficial for everyone to participate, the need for prevention will be greatly reduced. As compliance passes 80% the need for our current border forces will also be reduced, and the remaining force’s day to day activities will shift to rounding up drug runners and criminals, as all those who have nothing to hide will rather do things the easy, inexpensive, legal way. Catching fewer people should be easier than trying to stem the tide of a million immigrants a year, so our border security should even increase, while we reduce our expenses and shift our resources where they will be needed most.

If we begin here, we can begin to create a program that is good for the both the US, and the immigrant, is weighted more towards benefiting us, can be easily (relatively speaking) setup and maintained, won’t cost us anything, and quite possibly help us monetize and protect a resource of income, spending, and taxes, as well as protect and nourish a great part of our communities and culture.  With the emerging markets producing vastly more competition around the world, we could use all the help we can get. Immigrants of all kinds are needed to keep us leading the world in engineering, innovation, economy, and quality of life.


The only thing I loathe more than censorship is hateful comments that contribute nothing to the conversation. The only comments that will be removed are the hateful, non-helpful ones, (trolls) and people who love to post the same comment over and over and over and over and over. . .

Please remember, any jerk can complain, and most usually do, but only those who genuinely care about helping, will offer suggestions as to how to make something better.

We need to hurry. Congress could surprise us and come up with something sooner than later. If that happens, the compromises that inevitably will find their way into the bill will likely cripple it, and hinder any future progress we might otherwise enjoy.

So tell me, do you have confidence in our government to put forth a well thought out, truly beneficial and successful bill that will propel our country forward for years to come?

Join the conversation now, before we have to suffer through what congress manages to cobble together, for the next thirty years.

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US Immigration Reform PLAN A Taxable

I want you to pay your taxesTaxable is a great way for this program to pay for itself.

There needs to be a way for our immigration system to be able to be self-supporting. Sure, the immigrants will add value to our society by purchasing goods and filling jobs, but we need to be able to set up systems that will ensure both the immigrants and US citizens are taken care of. Think of it as an “immigrant work tax” program.

Being able to track and tax the income of all people within our borders is very important, citizen or not. Today there is a shadow society of people who do not pay income taxes, or those that do cannot reap the benefits for which they are being taxed. Both situations need to be addressed if we want our new immigration policy to be effective.

The new immigrant work tax should be above and beyond what citizens are required to pay. Immigrants who are not citizens may have needs that US citizens do not, such as legal services, court fees, incarceration costs and deportation costs. The fees for participation should cover the expenses to administer this program, see to it that every immigrant inside our borders complies, and to fund the system that deals with the people who refuse to participate. Our new immigration program should not be a burden on our society.

The normal taxes collected by the IRS should go to the same programs that US citizens fund with their taxes, as well as unemployment and disability insurance. In order to attract and retain great workers, we need to show our possible future citizens what it’s like to be a US citizen. Having the same programs in place for immigrants, as citizens, will also help us keep things simple and affordable.

This same program should also have the same requirements for immigrants to join health care programs for obvious health and financial reasons. Ensuring compliance with all of the programs an immigrant is expected to participate in is an expense in and of itself and should be funded the immigrants themselves.

Finally, what would welcoming new people into our country without equality?

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US Immigration Reform PLAN A Actionable



imgres-4If we’ve followed Plan A this far we will have a simple, inexpensive and highly accurate immigration process.  Added all together we now have information regarding our visitors and immigrants that we can actually do things with.

  • We can deport those who affect our society in negative ways.
  • We can block bad people from coming in.
  • We can import people we want and need based on any number of criteria, to achieve any goal our society needs.
  • We can defend the stability of American families by not deporting the wrong people.
  • We can tax new workers who are not fully citizens and allow them to pay into a system that looks after them.
  • We can verify eligibility of special programs for non-citizens.
  • We can protect our immigrants from abuse by those who would try to take advantage of a shadow labor force.
  • We can protect our workers from an unfair competitive advantage by those who otherwise wouldn’t have the additional costs of taxes, medical benefits and social security payments and underbid those who work within our system and do carry these costs.
  • We can track the numbers of workers in an industry and actively seek out specific types of workers depending on our needs.
  • We can do a lot of things with highly accurate data.

Our immigration system could actually work for us instead of against us like it does today.

This cheap and easy system will pay huge dividends in social and economic benefits. Immigrants will actually WANT to participate in our program as it will benefit them immensely and protect them from those that would abuse them, ensuring a high rate of participation and enabling us to identify everyone within our borders.

Only those who don’t qualify for our system will be the ones who try to work around it. These people will easily stick out and be much more easy to deport as there will be much less of them to deal with.

Not having your ID could automatically place an individual in a processing area until their status can be verified by a professionally trained immigration specialist.

One example of how this immigration system could be used is If someone just doesn’t have their ID on them, but they do have one (lost, stolen, left in other pants. . . ) If they are found to be a legitimate member of our society then they can be released. If they are found to be living outside our system, they could be immediately input into our system by being photographed, fingerprinted and have some DNA extracted. If after that information is processed we can either incarcerate those who we were looking for or whose DNA matches an unsolved crime, or we can deport that person and they will be banned from entering the US for a certain period of time. Caught again; and they could be jailed and then deported, etc.

With this type of immigration system no one will have an excuse not to participate, except for those who aren’t able to qualify in the first place. Finding them and taking action to remove them from our society could either put them in jail, court, or on a bus back to the border. End of story.

A system that allows us to act without reproach ensures the safety of every member of our society.

Next up: Taxable. Ensuring our new citizens pay their fair share.

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