Immigration Hero

America: the Mother of all Glass Houses

Proving, once again, that America is the mother of all glass houses when it comes to immigration and our national identity.

US Immigration ZERO

The Invisible Wall

Recently Trump claimed to have begun building his big beautiful wall and even had a plaque dedicating this section to himself as the first section of his border wall. Now, as a point of fact, this section of the wall was built in place of an older barrier that was dilapidated and in need of replacement and […]

More US immigration reform zeros

Seniors Embracing Cultural Dress at Prom

Many teens around the nation are wearing “traditional” gowns and formalwear showing off their cultural heritage and looking very stylish. See the link below to the article that shows beautiful pictures that reflect the pride and beauty of some of the various cultural styles that are making their way to one of the most […]

Border Patrol Detained Two U.S. Citizens

A U.S. Border Patrol agent overhead two women, who both were U.S. citizens, speaking Spanish in a Montana gas station and detained them for almost an hour. Lucky for them, speaking Spanish is not a crime. Unfortunately, it seems being Mexican is. Full story at the Chicago Tribune.

The Real National Border Emergency: Brought to you by Trump & GOP

There is a real national emergency at our southern border with Mexico, but it’s not the one Trump is promoting—it’s the one he is creating himself. The fact that the GOP is backing him up on his wild lies makes them complicit. Many news reporting agencies have documented that in 2018 the Trump administration introduced […]

An American Crisis of the Soul

For years now the far right has waged a war on American values in the name of American values in order to confuse their ideological goals with the very definition of what it means to be American. By now it is obvious to most of the people on earth that they have annexed the Republican […]

Donald Trump is a huge anti-immigrant President- Huge

Donald Trump is running headlong towards the Guinness Book of World Records for what the US administration that hinders immigration, legal or otherwise, into this country. He has done so much to undo our progress on the immigration problem in the year he has led our nation that it is anyone’s guess how far this […]

Geneologist disproves immigration assimilation myth

Geneologist Jennifer Mendelsohn disproved a common myth about immigrants refusing to assimilate into American Society. After a sad debate between immigrant basher barbie Tomi Lauren and Fox host John Kelly, Jennifer Mendelsohn researched Ms Lauren’s ancestors and found that they, too, didn’t speak english after immigrating to the US. While this won’t stop Tomi Lauren from […]