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Clinton wants to pass immigration reform in first 100 days in office

Vice Presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine said Hilary Clinton wants to push for immigration reform in her first hundred days in office, should she get elected president. While this sounds good, President Obama has been trying to pass the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013 (S. 744) for 3 years and has […]

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Website illustrates impact of Trump’s immigration plan

A new website graphically shows the effects to our country should Donald Trump follow through with his campaign promises on immigration. It is one thing to make bombastic statements in order to get the attention of voters, but it’s another thing to destroy the country you pretend to want to “make great again.”

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3 easy steps for a better immigration system

Alex Nowrasteh   wrote a piece for outlining 3 easy steps for a better immigration system that the next president could do to help with our highly problematic  system. It is a wonderful article, but I wonder about the third suggestion of having states create their own visa programs. He makes several wonderful points about states […]

Immigrants are an economic Win for the US

The Huffington Post recently published an article on the economics of immigration by Dr Fariborz Ghadar. This article sited many different publications that show the economic benefit to the United States from immigration is a definite positive, despite the subterfuge offered up by the GOP. “Recent labor statistics reveal that “on average, immigrants raise the overall […]

GOP cries foul when Obama does their job for them

The Republicans have repeatedly stopped immigration reform legislation from becoming law for the past ten years, so when President Obama made a move to allow a small subset of the immigrants awaiting changes to our immigration laws, the Republicans are throwing a fit. The Republicans have filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court and […]

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The Immigration Force

FWD.US gives us a peek into what would it look like to have an immigration force rounding up people and disrupting businesses, familes and society in general.  

Hilary Clinton drops the i-word

Hilary Clinton just vowed not to use the term “illegal alien” ever again.   She recognizes that this term minimizes the value of a portion of our society. This term insults millions of people who came here to make a better life for themselves but couldn’t wait for us to get around to fixing our immigration […]